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RTD is a fast paced job shop that offers a wide range of services to its customers. As a Team Member you will be asked to perform a variety of tasks. If you are hired for the turning department you may be asked to run a mill (or vice versa). At RTD, we love to have people who are versatile, open-minded, willing and able to learn. With a flexible workforce, it allows us to respond to customer’s ever-changing demands and provides Team Members with interesting ever-changing duties.

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We are always looking for talented and motivated Team Members for our shop here at RTD. Please feel free to send us your resume.

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How many times have you seen that on a Job Listing? It is one of the most overused phrases used to entice applicants, per Websters the definition of “team” is “a number of persons associated together in work or activity”. At RTD we take the term “Team Member” very seriously. Being a small compact shop, it is very important that everyone works together as a team.

If you are tired of being an “employee” and want to become a “Team Member” in a clean, well-lit atmosphere…send us an email…Let’s Talk!

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