About Us

We offer specialized tooling and engineering support services that meet the needs of today's manufacturers.

Over 40 Years of Excellence

At RTD, we pride ourselves at being a “One Stop Shop” for all of our clients machining needs. We offer Engineering & Design, CNC Milling & Turning (Single PC, short run or high-volume production machining), Assembly, Jigs & Fixtures, or Automation.

Our History

RTD Technologies was established by Raymond Therrien in 1978. It began in Rays basement in Rochester NH as Ray’s Tool & Die Co. Inc. As the name indicates, we were primarily a Die Shop. Specializing in the manufacturing of all types of dies–Compound, forming, progressive etc. Shortly after, Ray realized he needed more space, so he moved from the basement to the garage. Within a couple of years, he needed to expand beyond the garage & purchased an 800 sq. foot building in Somersworth NH. It was a perfect fit for his 2 Bridgeports, 2 Lathes, 3 Surface Grinders, Drill Press, benches & office with drafting tables. It was a tight but very efficient workspace. From the beginning, Ray was a stickler for cleanliness. Several rules were… “NO cigarette butts on the floor”, “Clean your machines at the end of every day, sweep the floor & Pick up the Pile!” On one of the surface grinders there was a sign that read “Clean it when you are done! OYGYACO!” (contact us for decoding this). By the mid 80’s and with a couple additions to the building, we added our first CNC mill: a Bridgeport Boss 9. Soon after we then added our first Turning Center: an Ikegai FX25N. We were officially in the CNC Business! We decided to abbreviate our name to RTD and started to migrate away from die making and into mold making, inspection fixtures and then production CNC machining. Today, we are at the same location, having expanded to 6400 sq. feet, we now have 5 CNC mills, 6 CNC Lathes, Wire EDM, Full Tool Room & Top-Notch Quality Control.

Our Team

Raymond Therrien

Our Founder, Mentor & Inspiration
After serving in the Korean war, Ray put himself through Trade School and then worked as a Tool & Die Maker at Clarostat in Dover NH for several years. By the late 1960's, Ray left Clarostat to become a co-owner at Bengtson Tool & Die in West Nottingham NH until 1978 when he started Rays Tool & Die in Rochester NH. By early 2000's, Ray had grown the company to 6400 sq. ft & had 12 employees when he decided to officially retire. We don't know the exact date, as he still came to work every day until he was in his late 70's. Even well into his 80's, Ray would come in to "see what's going on" at least 2-3 times a week. Sadly, we lost Ray in June of 2019. Although we greatly miss his insight and companionship, the knowledge he has given us, the values he has instilled in us and the lessons he has taught us will remain the core principles of RTD going forward.

Marc Therrien

Marc began his machining career at the young age of 6. When his father (Ray) would bring him to work on weekends to clean machines & sweep the floor. By the time he was an early teenager, he was running punch presses & being trained as a Die Maker. In 1978, Marc was working at Rays Tool & Die in the basement and then in the garage at home. In 1979, having graduated high school he worked full time through the summers & then part time while attending Trade School for the next 2 years. In 1983, Marc left the nest & spent the next 7 years at General Electric as a Tool & Die Maker. In early 1990's, Marc returned to RTD as a part owner. Together with Ray, they grew the business until Ray's retirement. Through the years, Marc has been instrumental in the transformation from a manual Tool & Die Shop to the CAD/CAM based CNC shop RTD is today.

David Lamontagne

CNC Dept. Manager
David started in the machining industry in 2006 as a Lathe operator at a local company. In 2011 he accepted a position at RTD as a CNC Lathe Setup/Operator. Over the years, he has learned to setup and program 3 & 4 axis Mills, Multi Spindle Lathes & Mill Turn Machines. At RTD, Dave has shown exceptional leadership and in 2017 he accepted the position as CNC Department Manager. He is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of the CNC department including scheduling, ordering tooling, and personnel decisions.

Dan Tittle

Quality Manager
Dan has been working in the industry since 2004. He started out as a Lathe machinist and progressed through running multi-axis turn mills. Along the way, he discovered that he really enjoyed the inspection side of the business, so much so that he taught himself PCDMIS. Dan has been working as the primary inspection person at RTD since 2015 and in 2016 became the Quality Manager. He is responsible for all parts leaving RTD and is also responsible for all the Inspection and Quality processes at RTD Technologies.
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