ATCO/Lanair, Inc.

The Challenge

To Reverse Engineer & Produce a Titanium Bracket at a Competitive enough price to allow for resale.

The Solution

After months of process development, the customer was close to abandoning the project. We would not give up & ultimately RTD was successful.

The Result

Over more than 5 years, the customer was able to sell more than 3000 units.

Mike Demers

VP of Sales

ATCO/Lanair, Inc.

ATCO/Lanair has been working with RTD Technologies Inc. for over a decade. As an aerospace components supplier, we have found that RTD's attention to detail, customer service, and responsiveness have been excellent. RTD’s rapid responses to inquiries, and ability to offer competitive lead times and pricing, has allowed us to win new business in the aerospace market. RTD’s technical prowess has been proven time and time again with solving some of our most difficult manufacturing problems. We would not hesitate to recommend RTD Technologies Inc. to another colleague!
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